Risky jaw surgery popular in S. Korea

Dangerous double-jaw surgery is growing among South Korean women as a way to improve their appearance.

Many are being encouraged to undergo the risky operation to get a slimmer jawline, according to a story in the Daily Mail. A small face with a V-shaped chin and jawline is considered a mark of feminine beauty in much of East Asia, along with a high-bridged nose and big eyes, the story noted.

A physician with the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons said the double-jaw procedure took off a few years ago when a Seoul dental clinic ran an advertising campaign promoting the cosmetic benefits.

Double-jaw surgery is usually carried out on people who are unable to chew properly due to an excessive over- or underbite. The bone-cutting procedure, which involves realigning the upper and lower jaws, takes months to recover from and carries various risks, including permanent facial numbness or even paralysis, according to the story.

The surgery changes the entire facial bone structure, dental professors noted, adding that it is complex and potentially dangerous. Some 52% of those who had the surgery suffered sensory problems such as facial numbness, according to a recent study.

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