Ormco aims to educate adult orthodontic patients

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Ormco, a manufacturer and provider of advanced orthodontic technology and services, has released an infographic that addresses adults' hesitancy with orthodontic treatment.

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The "Never Too Late" infographic addresses adults' hesitancy with orthodontic treatment. Image courtesy of Ormco.

According to a study from the Millennium Research Group, 23 million U.S. adults are interested in improving their smile, but most don't seek treatment due to a lack of education about the orthodontic treatment process.

Ormco's new infographic -- titled "Never Too Late" -- aims to educate consumers by exploring how a beautiful smile, or lack thereof, influences public perception. The graphic also combats treatment myths and explains what features make a great smile.

Research indicates that adults are more likely to seek treatment after reviewing educational materials that showcase the benefits of orthodontic treatment, and for this reason, Ormco has created a powerful image that answers frequently asked questions from adult patients and helps to accurately illustrate what today's treatment process entails, noted Mark Hillebrandt, vice president of marketing and product management for Ormco.

The "Never Too Late" infographic is available for download at marketing.ormco.com and can be leveraged online -- via practice websites and social media channels -- as well as downloaded and printed for in-office distribution.

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