Waterproof dental keyboard now wireless too

Man & Machine, a manufacturer of hygienic waterproof keyboards and mice, has introduced the U Hot Keyboard, the company's first wireless keyboard for dental practices. The keyboard works for days without needing to be recharged, giving the user the freedom of movement in and around the dental operatory, according to the company.

The U Hot Keyboard can be rinsed and submerged in water. The capacity for the U Hot to be thoroughly washed reduces the quantity of surface germs, therefore mitigating infection risk to dental team members and patients. The inside of the keyboard is sealed to protect it against fluids, including blood, saliva, food, drink, and most cleaning agents. Drainage holes in each key pocket allow excess water or spilled fluids to quickly exit the keyboard before causing damage.

"Dentists have been asking Man & Machine to develop a wireless version of our popular waterproof, hygienic keyboards and now we have what they are looking for," said Clifton Broumand, CEO of Man & Machine. "This looks like it will be our biggest seller to the dental market."

The U Hot Keyboard is available directly from Man & Machine or through Henry Schein.

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