Ormco unveils plans for digital orthodontic technology

Orthodontic technology manufacturer Ormco has unveiled plans for the development of digital orthodontic technology.

Since 2010, Ormco has invested more than $50 million in digital orthodontics research and plans to increase investments this year, the company announced. The added funding will accelerate the development of an end-to-end digital software solution integrating 3D digital scanning, diagnostics, outcome visualization, treatment planning, and custom lab products.

With 110 globally filed patents in digital orthodontics, Ormco plans to build on its line of integrated products, which grew in revenue by 121% in North America in 2013. Ormco's digital solutions include the Lythos digital impression system, Insignia Advanced Smile Design system, Clearguide Express aligners, DigiCast study models, and custom lab appliances through Ormco|AOA Lab.

With the Lythos system, Ormco filled a component of the digital orthodontic workflow, replacing the traditional impression process with a digital approach that has open connectivity and no usage fees. Lythos data integrate with Ormco's digital products, including DigiCast study models and the Insignia Advanced Smile Design, an all-inclusive digital treatment system that reduces treatment time an average of 37%, according to the company.

In the short term, Insignia will expand to incorporate all appliance types, including a wider selection of customized aligners, as well as self-ligating lingual, new aesthetic, and traditional twin appliance options.

A future development will be the integration of cone-beam 3D dental imaging systems. With cone-beam imaging, Ormco will provide accurate root-based data in Insignia, simulated patient outcomes, and advanced treatment planning with 3D ceph analysis and airway analysis.

Ormco's digital orthodontic system will be the first comprehensive package for 3D digital imaging records, 3D digital treatment planning, photo realistic outcome visualization, and fabrication of customized aligners, and fixed and lab appliances to treat patients according to the doctor's previsualized plans, the company said.

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