CAD/CAM Insider: How do CAD/CAM materials hold up to dental prophylaxis?

Dear CAD/CAM Insider,

CAD/CAM blocks have evolved considerably in terms of materials, shade, and durability. But does this evolution mean the blocks can stand up to professional dental prophylaxis? Researchers put various CAD/CAM blocks up against a year's worth of prophylaxis to see how they fared. Read our Insider Exclusive.

In other CAD/CAM Community news, implant-supported single crowns made from lithium disilicate and paired with zirconia implants have proved to be successful in clinical studies. But how well do they hold up over the longer term and compare with other options? A new study reports results over a five-year follow-up period. Learn more here. You can also receive continuing education credits for this article here.

Intraoral scanners have been predicted to entirely displace conventional impressions in the near future, which will influence CAD/CAM developments. But which scanners are the most accurate for implants? In a new study, researchers put four scanners through their paces to find out. Read more here.

Also in the CAD/CAM Community, you'll find the following recent industry news:

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