CAD/CAM Insider: Glass-matrix ceramic materials show strength in new study

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When creating restorations using a CAD/CAM system, material options include a glass-matrix ceramic and a resin composite. However, newer materials may offer more strength and hardness. Researchers put five of these newer materials to the test. Read our Insider Exclusive.

In other CAD/CAM Community news, the development of CAD/CAM systems and materials offers new treatment possibilities when you are faced with the need to restore primary teeth. But do these materials suffer excessive tooth wear that would make them inappropriate to use? A new study investigated. Learn more here.

Intraoral scanners are increasingly becoming part of the dental workflow, and for good reason. These versatile devices have been shown to both please patients and save practices time and money, according to a new review. Read more here.

Digital technology has drastically changed the world around us, and implant dentistry is no exception, writes Dr. Ross Enfinger. Gone are the days of freehand implant placement and compromised soft-tissue outcomes with less than ideal restorative results. Dr. Enfinger presents a case report of an implant placement performed in two visits using CAD/CAM and other technologies. Learn more here.

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