Imaging Insider: Can CBCT accurately measure periodontal pockets?

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Periodontal pocket depth is traditionally measured with a periodontal probe, but many factors can distort this measurement. What if there were a way to image these pockets with a cone-beam CT (CBCT) system so you knew the depth precisely? Maybe soon there will be. Read our Insider Exclusive.

In other Imaging Community news, dentists take images only when necessary, right? A new study examined the relationship between the number of x-rays taken and whether dentists received a salary or worked on a fee-for-service basis. The findings suggest that payment model influences imaging decisions. Learn more here.

Intraoral scanners are increasingly becoming part of the dental workflow and for good reason. These versatile devices please patients and save practices time and money. But what are the strengths and weaknesses of the current crop of scanners? Read more here.

Is computer-guided implant placement actually better than conventional implant procedures? Are guided protocols preferred for certain situations? While the technology certainly offers significant promise, a study by the Digital Dental Society investigated whether current scientific evidence backs it up. Learn more here.

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