Imaging Insider: Imaging offers perspective on third-molar extractions

Dear Imaging Insider,

When considering whether to extract an impacted third molar, imaging might help guide your treatment decision. Researchers studied almost 1,200 clinical images of impacted third molars and came to some surprising conclusions about when extraction was appropriate. Read our Insider Exclusive.

In other Imaging Community news, the dental industry has gotten caught up in the trade showdown between the U.S. and China, with a number of key imaging products showing up on a list of products and materials that may have tariffs imposed. Read more here.

When an x-ray shows that a newly placed implant projects beyond the bony floor of a patient's sinuses, you might recognize it as acceptable clinical practice. But as William S. Spiegel and Dr. Marc Leffler write in their latest Legal Cases column, sometimes an image highlights that there is a difference between clinical practice and what a jury sees. Learn more here.

In a popular two-part series, Dr. Marty Jablow highlights the benefits of teledentistry in practice. Part 1 focuses on the main applications and how to overcome barriers to using these technologies and their imaging components. Read more here. Part 2 of Dr. Jablow's series looks at the current private-practice applications of teledentistry and how you can use it to grow your practice. Learn more here.

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