U.S. Air Force implements multisite digital x-ray system

Force 3 has completed a four-year, multisite project with the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS), bringing together various vendors to implement an interoperable digital dental radiography (DDR) system at 79 Air Force bases around the world.

"The change from film-based dental radiology to digital affects nearly 100% of all dental appointments and represents the single most significant change in Air Force dentistry," said Col. David Stanczyk, Air Force surgeon general consultant for dental technology integration, in a press release.

The DDR system integrates Dell servers and workstations, Microsoft and Symantec server software, Medicor Imaging MiPACS digital imaging software, and various digital imaging capture devices. Force 3 integrated the technologies; provided software and training services from various dental vendors such as Kodak, Planmeca, and Air Techniques; and ultimately created a customized, turnkey solution to transition every Air Force dental clinic from film-based to digital dental radiology.

"The DDR system provides global interoperability and connectivity in a secure, environmentally friendly system enhancing the delivery of Air Force dental care," said Dennis Stuckey, Air Force DDRS senior consultant. "Force 3 brought together a number of vendors and technologies to offer a complete, flexible, scalable, secure DDR solution."

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