DigiBrain4 launches iSmartOffice for dental practices

2019 08 09 22 47 3265 Medical Dental Record 400

DigiBrain4 and its consulting group HealthCare Digital Solution (HCDS) have introduced iSmartOffice, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based software application for dental practice management and marketing.

With iSmartOffice, users can utilize its mobile app and web portal to promote practices, connect with new and existing patients, coordinate staff and physician availability, optimize patient scheduling, and streamline insurance claims, according to the company. In addition, Dr. Annie -- an integrated HIPAA-compliant AI system -- can be used to prescreen patients and offer provider recommendations, DigiBrain4 said.

All iSmartOffice apps can be integrated into most dental management software and can be accessed on any computer or Android/iOS mobile device, according to the firm.

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