Dental business tips and tricks: Introducing the Cellerant CEO podcast series

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There is no question that 2024 will bring numerous, exciting changes to the dental industry. With that in mind and with today's dentist and dental team always looking for ways to expand their knowledge base, we are excited to unveil a new yearlong podcast series here on

Over the course of 2024, the Cellerant CEO podcast series, powered by DrBicuspid, will go in depth with various CEOs and leaders of companies that will be making an impact in the dental industry this year and beyond. Some leaders head up companies you know well, while others represent companies that are either new to the dental market or are preparing to make their debut.

Dr. Lou Shuman is the founder, president, and CEO of Cellerant Consulting, and he joined me in this first episode to set the stage for what podcast listeners will hear throughout the year.

"What's really special about what we're doing here in this series is that I wanted to be able to share the experiences that I'm having with the CEOs of these companies," Dr. Shuman said. "As we start moving forward with them, I am so impressed with who they are, so a lot of the focus on this series is to learn about them and what has made them successful in the business world."

Dr. Shuman also emphasized that our discussions will not solely focus on products that impact dentists but also hygienists and other team members as well.

"The big impact in hygiene is going to be biofilm and the connection of the oral cavity to systemic health. And the products we're seeing and the technology we're seeing and the impact that's going to have on hygiene will be significant," Dr. Shuman said. "We're talking about cellulose fibers from Norwegian spruce trees that integrated into a toothpaste and absolutely has a huge impact in destroying biofilm. We're talking about plant foam that's activated with lights. We're talking about rinses and how they have become significant in multiple ways. 

"There is so much happening that will impact hygiene technology and hygiene products just along that vertical, which is growing so quickly. The other thing is medicaments and how we're delivering medicaments to the oral cavity multiple different ways now. It's a very exciting time for hygiene."

You can hear the inaugural episode of the podcast containing my full interview with Dr. Shuman by clicking here or hitting the Play button below.

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