Podcast: Business tips and tricks with Dr. Alex Sanders

Dr. Alex Sanders
Dr. Alex Sanders.

We recently announced a collaboration between DrBicuspid and Cellerant Consulting to publish a series of podcast interviews in which CEOs of companies that are currently or will be impacting the dental industry share their insights about business and the secrets of their success. Through these interviews, our goal is to give dentists insights into what makes a successful business and how the dental industry is working behind the scenes to keep up with the demands of not only today's dental practice but dental patients as well.

To kick off this series, I recently interviewed Dr. Alex Sanders, the CEO of Diagnocat, about his journey as a serial entrepreneur in the dental industry. You can read more about Dr. Sanders here. Beginning the series with Dr. Sanders felt like a perfect place to start, as Diagnocat recently was named -- thanks to an extensive voting process by DrBicuspid.com readers -- as the Cupsies winner for the best new dental imaging product.

In this episode, Dr. Sanders and I discussed the excitement around artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry, the key to building a successful business, the difference between building a successful practice and a successful business, and the current trends in dental technology. Dr. Sanders also shared advice for dentists who want to start their own entrepreneurial journey.


  • AI is an exciting development in the dental industry, with the potential to revolutionize diagnostics and treatment planning.

  • The key to building a successful business is having a clear vision, being adaptable, and surrounding yourself with a strong team.

  • Building a successful practice and building a successful business require different principles, but both require a focus on providing excellent patient care.

  • Focus and completing tasks before moving on to the next are crucial for success.

  • Automation and AI are key trends in dental technology, with the goal of improving efficiency and patient outcomes.

  • Dentists who want to start their own entrepreneurial journey should have a clear idea, do thorough market research, and be prepared for challenges.

Podcast chapters

  0:00 Introduction and background
  2:16 Excitement about AI in dentistry
  4:35 The key to building a successful business
  6:38 Building a successful practice vs. business
  8:54 Sanders' best piece of business advice
11:33 Focus and completing tasks
12:39 Key trends in dental technology
14:27 Advice for starting a journey as an entrepreneur
16:41 Conclusion and appreciation

You can hear the episode by clicking here or hitting the Play button below. You can also see the video interview here.

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