Cellerant CEO series: The entrepreneur's mindset with Candid's Nick Greenfield

Nick Greenfield
Nick Greenfield, co-founder and CEO of Candid.

As we continue to partner with Cellerant Consulting on a series of interviews with CEOs who oversee businesses that impact the dental industry, I recently sat down with Nick Greenfield, CEO and co-founder of Candid.

During our discussion, we talked about the importance of orthodontics in one's overall oral health and the transition of Candid from a direct-to-consumer to a direct-to-dentist model. We also discussed the significance of being decisive as a leader and how to get team buy-in for decisions.

"I think about three types of decisions," Greenfield said. "There are decisions that you can make in a microsecond, right? Those are the decisions like a car is coming, so do I move and get out of the way? There are sometimes decisions which might take you a couple of minutes to think about, like what am I gonna make for dinner tonight? And then there are kind of these big -- I call it crucible moment -- decisions, which are my business is direct to consumer, but it should be direct to dentist, right? What should I do? Should I make that decision? Should I go for it?

"And I think that being decisive when you have those consideration points, understanding the data and what's available to you, and then also trusting your gut to some extent is important. You have to kind of trust, OK, what feels right if it's informed with the appropriate data. Once you've made that decision and you know it's the right decision, you have to be decisive. And as a leader, you have to bring the people around you on the trip and explain and help them understand why it's the right decision."

Also, during our talk, Greenfield shared his entrepreneur mindset and emphasized the importance of starting with price and understanding a consumer's willingness to pay. He also highlighted the value of a think tank for leadership and the importance of differentiating the brand and building trust.

You can watch our interview below.

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