Banner Specification -- Run-of-Site banners

Run-of-site banner ads
Run-of-site banner ads are eye-catching teaser graphics with a simple message or tag-line. They may be animated and may utilize Flash; please refer to the Ad Specifications Overview document for animation and Flash requirements. Run-of-site banners are displayed in all non-exclusive sections of the Web site. Banner positions are: leaderboard along the top, and three banners along the right side.

Banner rotation
Run-of-site banners run on a rotating basis with other non-exclusive banners. For example, if six members are logged into the Web site, each member may see a unique banner in the leaderboard spot. Upon refreshing the page, each member may see a different banner. Upon refreshing the page again, the member may see yet a different banner. Views are distributed in an equal random order amongst the active banners.

Run-of-site banner positioning

Ad specifications overview
Click here to view the deliverable requirements for each banner. At minimum, you must supply non-Flash banners; animated or static GIFs, or JPEGs are acceptable formats. Flash banners are optional.
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