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Dentists are a skeptical lot. Small surprise. They're constantly bombarded with companies pushing this or that new product (which may fail, which means the dentist has to fix the patient's problem gratis), "independent" research funded by vendors, office staff rightly grumping about salaries and the cost of living, and patients yelping about rising fees.

It's enough to make a grown dentist cry -- or at least snap his mouth guard in two.

At, we feel your pain, we share your skepticism, and we're here to help. Our mantra: "Real-time news and help you can really trust." Our goal? To deliver useful, trustworthy, and relevant news, features, columns, and more that will help you make your practice better, faster, smoother, and more profitable.

Why are we called Blame the, that is. has been the leading site for radiologists for nearly a decade. Now the company is stepping into the dental realm, and we figured a similarly whimsical -- and memorable -- name was called for.

What will Dr.B deliver? For starters, only the most pertinent clinical and business news that can have a real world payoff for your practice. (And yes, if a vendor has any involvement in a study we're reporting on, we'll flag it.) In our longer features, we'll harvest the best tips from industry experts, from marketers to practice managers to implantologists. In our columns (not here today, but soon), sage practitioners will provide personal guidance on a range of topics. And to keep you on your toes, we'll test you with our entertaining (and challenging) Case of the Week. (It's over there to the right. Look for "Man with mandibular pain.")

Our bottom-line guarantee? No BS editorial. We won't shy away from controversial issues. Today and in the coming weeks, you'll see stories on dental tourism (and how it's siphoning patients away), the amalgam wars (the history, the politics, and what the best science says, right now), cosmetic dentistry (where the dollars and sense fail), and more. If we screw up, we'll own up to the error and fix it. And we want you, the dental professional, involved in shaping the present and future direction of Dr.B. More on this later!

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Robert Luhn

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