Rules for listings in the DrBicuspid Buyer's Guide

DrBicuspid reserves the right to permanently remove companies that do not adhere to these listing rules.

  1. Use standard capitalization. No excessive capitalization, regardless of trademark.
  2. No altering product or vendor name to affect positioning.
  3. Use standard punctuation. No repeated and unnecessary punctuation or symbols.
  4. No unnecessary repetition. No repeated words or phrases.
  5. No superlatives such as "Best," "Cheapest," "World's Greatest," "Top," "#1," etc.
  6. No promotional language such as "Free," "Limited time only," "Click here," etc.
  7. Do not use corporate appellations like Inc., Corp., LLC, etc.
  8. Do not add TM, copyright symbols, or other markings to product names.
  9. No inappropriate language.
  10. Use correct spelling.
  11. Use proper grammar.
  12. Company name may not exceed 60 characters. No descriptive text.
  13. Product name may not exceed 35 characters. No descriptive text.
  14. Product description may not exceed 35 characters. List any pertinent descriptive text for product here.
  15. Adding HTML to product names, descriptions, etc. is not permitted.
  16. OEM categories for "Systems, Components & Software" and service categories (e.g., architectural services) can only contain listings by the manufacturer or service provider. All dealer/distributors must be listed in the Dealer/Distributor Category. If a dealer/distributor provides service for equipment or mobile services for modalities, they may/should be listed under the OEM category "Services" type.
Revision dated: 11/19
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