Killer composites; Bleach redux; More ACP!

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After all the hubbub about the toxicity of amalgam (which we've documented in several articles over the last three months), it's refreshing to fret about something else. Say, resin-based composites.

But, you say, is nothing safe? Actually no. Consider the conclusions of Michel Goldberg, D.D.S., Ph.D. In his review of the research on composites, Dr. Goldberg writes, "It would be surprising [if] the harmful effects that are well identified in laboratory studies, and reviewed in this paper, have no clinical consequences ... in the [near] future, we might face major problems in terms of public health."

Gold leaf, anyone?

Suffice it to say, Dr. Goldberg's revelations--and those of his naysayers--bear some consideration. Check out Laird Harrison's article here.

A day at the bleach

Researchers are likewise fussing over the issue of peroxide bleach and its effect on dentin. In an earlier article, we reported on studies finding that even mild bleach solutions damage dentin. Now come new reports saying it's safe to bleach away (but try not to get any directly on dentin). You'll be surprised at what made the difference.

Calcium phosphate, take II

Way back in October, we scrutinized the growing use of calcium phosphate, in various permutations, for remineralizing teeth. Although FDA approval is in the future, a number of clinicians think the stuff works. The problem for you, the dentist, is figuring which product, out of a baker's dozen, to use. Well, help is at hand, in the form of a new table that compares calcium phosphate products side-by-side on formula, delivery method, usage, and more. This is one pick to click. Credit to Assistant Editor Rabia Mughal, who spent many days and nights assembling this minor masterwork.

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