Arizona Dental Association, Delta Dental of Arizona fight 'meth mouth'

2008 04 01 17 11 48 706

The Arizona Dental Association and Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation have each made a $10,000 contribution to the Arizona Meth project (AMP).

2008 04 01 17 11 48 706
An advertistment by the Arizona Meth Project

AMP is a prevention campaign designed to initiate parent-child conversations, and highlight the detrimental effects of meth use. According to the 2006 Arizona Youth Survey, 4.3% of Arizona teens use meth -- almost twice the national average. The campaign is aimed at junior- and high-school students, and young adults between the ages of 18 and 24.

"Dentists are able to recognize possible signs of 'meth mouth' early on and therefore have an opportunity to help patients seek assistance andtreatment," said Rick Murray, executive director and CEO of the Arizona DentalAssociation, in a press release. "Through our collaboration with the Arizona Meth Project, member dental offices around the state have received informational brochures detailing the meth problem in Arizona and resources for users."

"Dentists are often one of the first healthcare professionals to treat a meth user, so our dentists are aware and very concerned about the devastating effects of this drug on our young people," said Bernard Glossy, president of Delta Dental of Arizona, in the release. "Meth destroys families and communities, and as part of the Arizona community, we feel a need and responsibility to help raise awareness of this highly addictive drug."

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