Assurant offers family share dental plan

Assurant Employee Benefits -- a company that specializes in insurance plans for small and medium-sized businesses -- has recently launched the Family Share Max plan that allows families to share a dental coverage pool and eliminate individual maximums.

According to an Omnibus survey cited by Assurant, nearly two-thirds of respondents want the ability to pool their dental dollars, "rather than limiting them to individual allotments because not all family members require the same [amount of] coverage."

"It is no longer necessary to put off important dental work because of individual dental coverage limits," said James Gimarelli, D.M.D., vice president of dental at Assurant Employee Benefits, in a press release. "By allowing families to prioritize the dental needs of individual family members, Family Share Max can help improve the timely care of dental issues without breaking the bank."

"Considering the rising costs of dental care and the current challenging economic situation, this is an especially appealing option," said Joe Sevcik, vice president of marketing for Assurant Employee Benefits, in the release.

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