AADR news: Following up CBCT findings; is your laser too powerful?

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You've heard about the great things you can do with cone-beam CT (CBCT) machines. You can visualize the jaw in bright colors and three dimensions. You can precisely plan implants or orthodontics.

All that's true. What you may not have heard is that the new ability to see into the jaw also comes with new responsibilities, in particular in reporting suspicious findings that may be indicators of more serious disease.

As researchers reported at last week's meeting of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) in Dallas, almost half of CBCT scans reveal unexpected medical problems. For dentists it's another opportunity to save lives with a timely referral.

But some experts think that dentists are legally obligated to report these medical signs, even if they don't have the necessary training. We report on that controversy in a new article in our Imaging Community, which you can read by clicking here.

That study was one of many that filled my notebook as I crisscrossed the spacious floors of Dallas's Hilton Anatole hotel last week. Among the other breaking news stories: Researchers from the University of Michigan report that many dentists need to turn down the intensity of their lasers -- or risk frying their patients' pulp. You can read the details here.

Meanwhile, Tufts University researchers reported dramatic results in a phase I clinical trial of a new drug for Sjögren's syndrome. You'll find that story here.

We'll fill you in on more AADR research over the coming days. But in the meantime, we haven't ignored the rest of dentistry. In Digital X-ray: Making the leap: Part II, we suggest what to put on your shopping list when you convert from film-based to digital operation. Missed out on part I? Just click here.

Of course, the best technology won't produce good images unless you know how to use it. Here you can read the scoop on perfect technique.

Why all the emphasis on X-rays? It's all part of the remodeled home we just finished building for our Imaging Community, where you'll find the latest news on X-ray, CBCT, and other imaging technologies. Check it out at https://imaging.drbicuspid.com/.

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