ADA Foundation funds anesthesia education

The ADA foundation is giving the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology Research Foundation a $100,000 grant to develop curriculum materials and advanced training for sedation and anesthesia-related emergencies and complications that can arise during procedures.

"The training will be a combination of electronic-mediated written materials and a laboratory practice component based on the latest scientific knowledge and techniques on the use of sedation and anesthesia, giving special emphasis to airway management and emergencies," explains an ADA press release.

Once a pilot test of the proposed test is carried out the ADA Foundation will partner with the ADA to make it available in 2009. The ADA will also encourage state dental boards to accept this course as an alternative to currently required emergency certification courses.

"At a time when dentists are increasing their use of sedation and anesthesia in the dental office," said ADA Foundation President Arthur Dugoni, D.D.S., M.S., "there is a critical need for an advanced course that focuses on emergency management."

For further information call (312) 440-2694.

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