Revenues better than expected; aspirin OK for surgery

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It's been a rough year for many of us. The uncertainty of the economy, the price of gas and other consumables, and ongoing conflicts in various parts of the world all make for unsettling times. So it comes as a pleasant surprise to find that many dental product suppliers are reporting stronger-than-expected revenues so far this year. Read more.

Actually, "strong" is too soft a word. Henry Schein, Dentsply, and Sirona all had record sales and earnings in the second quarter -- a sign that the dental profession overall is weathering the current economy better than expected as well.

If you read the Forum postings on DrBicuspid and elsewhere, many dentists say, in fact, that they are doing just fine these days -- despite insurance reimbursements going down, costs of supplies and equipment going up, and patients becoming increasingly cautious with their spending.

What are these practices doing right? Perhaps, as marketing expert Richard Geller recommends, they are using the two advertising themes that are guaranteed to put patients in your chair.

Or maybe they've figured out, as contributing author Greg Holden discovered, the secrets to getting reimbursed for cone-beam CT scans.

Another possibility could be cosmetics. We came across a dental lab owner in Utah who has spent the last 30 years perfecting tooth tattoos. His artistic ability is impressive, and he has plenty of satisfied customers. Check out his portfolio -- which ranges from family pets to world-renowned celebrities -- by clicking here.

Aspirin and glowing mouthwash

On the clinical front, this week we report on some new research that is dispelling old myths. One study concludes that it is safe for patients to continue aspirin and other anticoagulants before and after certain dental surgeries. Read more.

And British researchers have developed a photoreactive mouthwash they say can kill plaque and a "self-repair" gel that can naturally remineralize teeth during early stages of decay. Could this be the next generation of oral healthcare? Find out by clicking here.

Speaking of new products, be sure to check out our new "Comments" box at the end of each article -- we really do want to know what you think!

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