Buyer's Guide Update: Cone-beam CT and radiography systems

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This very first edition of the DrBicuspid Buyer's Guide Update examines cone-beam CT and radiography systems (analog and digital) and software.

Cone-beam CT offers a huge leap forward in dental imaging. For the first time, dentists can make 3D images in their own office. But any device that carries a price tag of $150,000 to $250,000 needs to be treated as "more than a piece of furniture," as one dentist noted recently.

For anyone planning to do a lot of implants -- and various other specialty procedures -- investing in cone-beam CT may pay off quickly. For others, the decision to buy requires a more careful analysis of the economics. In addition to the initial capital equipment purchase, there may be annual maintenance fees and other hidden costs.

And that's where the DrBicuspid Buyer's Guide can help. For a listing of cone-beam CT products and suppliers, check out this Buyer's Guide category:

Radiography is a staple of any dental practice. Analog remains an important alternative for smaller practices, and some practitioners have adopted a hybrid approach. Digital intraoral radiography is indispensable interoperatively and for image guidance; however, the practitioner who wants to establish a baseline using a full-mouth intraoral radiographic series might benefit from retaining analog film or using photostimulable phosphor plates for the initial diagnostic examination.

Still, there is no denying that going digital has the potential to improve diagnosis; facilitate patient treatment procedures; and streamline image storage, transfer, and retrieval. These technologies also provide for secure backup of patients' image data, critical to re-establishing the practice should fire, flood, or earthquake occur. The biggest potential drawback is capital equipment cost.

Let the DrBicuspid Buyer's Guide help you locate and compare the various analog and digital radiography systems currently on the market. Check out the Buyer's Guide categories highlighted in this edition:

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