SkyCeiling soothes patients by bringing nature inside

2008 09 22 13 44 50 622 Skyceiling

Stark dental rooms tend to be uninviting and intimidating, even for a standard checkup. A Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeiling can address these problems by transforming the interior environment into a space that is welcoming and relaxing for both patients and staff, according to a company press release.

2008 09 22 13 44 50 622 Skyceiling
The Luminous SkyCeiling by Sky Factory.
The process of making people more comfortable in healthcare settings is challenging. Pictures of nature have been considered a solution and have been shown to have some benefit. To effectively bring nature inside, what is needed is a way to provide what the eye and mind expect to see when exposed to nature. The Sky Factory uses illusion to accomplish this. The goal is to build a perfect sky image ceiling -- an illusion that triggers the same psychological and physiological relaxation response that occurs when one lies looking up into a beautiful sky.

"Dental offices are sometimes high-pressure. People get anxious, and it can be transmitted to the staff," noted Cheryl Kantor-Goldenberg, D.D.S., a Sky Factory customer. "But I have been so calm since installing SkyCeilings in our office. Whatever happens, it's OK; we'll get through it. I've got daylight coming down on me. Now we refer to the old office as 'the dungeon,' and not affectionately either."

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