Court suspends intoxicated dentist's license

An Ohio dentist who was found drunk at his practice during a state inspection has lost his license, according to a news story in the Chronicle-Telegram.

The Ninth District Court of Appeals upheld the Ohio State Dental Board's decision to suspend John Brooke's license this week.

"According to the dental board, Brooke was intoxicated when a state inspector showed up to investigate a tip that the dentist was drunk at his office on March 21, 2006," the paper reported. "The investigator said Brooke's eyes were glassy, his face was red, and he was brushing his teeth while he was being questioned."

Brooke had previously been convicted of handling a firearm while intoxicated and a DUI (in 2005 and 2006, respectively), but the board said his efforts to deal with his drinking problem since weren't up to their standards, according to the news story.

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