InChairTV adds advertising to entertainment network

InChairTV has introduced a new advertising network that uses personal video technology to deliver more than 45 minutes of uninterrupted programming to dental patients while they sit in the dentist's chair. More than 400 dental offices already use InChairTV's entertainment system, which combines current movies and TV programs with oral health education to distract and relax patients undergoing dental procedures, according to the company.

The InChairTV system is built around a network of state-of-the-art video eyewear specially designed to give people a movie theater-like experience. Each office receives new programming on a set schedule that matches viewer office visits. InChairTV shows or films contain two types of content: licensed broadcast programming from media partners ABC/Disney and patient education presentations, which play in the commercial breaks of the show.

To date, the patient education slots have been reserved for dentists to show customized presentations describing services offered by their office. By opening this network to third-party advertisers, InChairTV now offers oral health and other marketers an entree into a highly targeted, captive, and focused market segment, the company said.

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