ADA delegates override dues increase

The ADA House of Delegates voted October 21 for a leaner budget, overruling the Board of Trustees' proposal to raise members' dues.

The trustees had recommended that dues in 2009 increase $14 a year, but the delegates voted against the proposal. Instead, members will continue paying $498 a year as they have since 2008, when the amount was increased by $9, the organization reported.

The decision means the Board of Trustees will have to limit expenses to $115.2 million, about $2 million less than what the Board proposed this summer, the statement said, adding that revenues for 2009 are anticipated to be $115.9 million.

"After culling through nine areas of the operating budget, the Board came back with proposed cuts in several areas, including consulting fees at the House's suggestion," the press release said. "New programs were also added to the budget by the House. Some of these include efforts to promote 'greening' of the dental office, a student block grant program, video podcasts for members, conferences on dental laboratory technology and diversity, and an American Indian/Alaska Native Oral Health Access Summit."

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