Dental office burglary captured on video

Do you lock your door before leaving the office? It's a good idea, but it didn't help Cala Hills Dental in Ocala, FL, on Christmas Day, when a burglar reportedly broke in by ramming the door with a car.

Here's the account, as reported by

Police said a local man, Brian Gregory Walsh, 36, began his Christmas celebration by using a jack to pry open the window of a van and steal a satellite radio. Next, they said, the burglar drove his borrowed car into the glass front door of the dental office.

Unsuccessful, police said, Walsh returned 12 hours later and rammed the glass door once again, this time busting through. Once inside, the thief ripped a 27-inch flat-screen TV from the lobby wall and drove off with it. The caper was caught by surveillance cameras; you can watch it on

After leaving Cala Hills Dental, police said Walsh smashed the car into neighboring Ocala Eye, where he grabbed more loot, some of which he traded for drugs.

Police said they tracked Walsh down with a description of the car and found him hiding under the bed in a hotel room.

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