Minnesota delivers another first; why implant when you can transplant?

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The state of Minnesota has moved a step closer to instituting a midlevel dental provider as a way to bridge the gap between access to dental care and underserved populations. The University of Minnesota Board of Regents last week approved a dental therapy degree program for midlevel providers with a skill set between a dental hygienist and dentist. What happens next is up to the state legislature. Read more.

In other practice management news, a study in the current Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery finds that, while victims of domestic violence are often reluctant to admit their predicament, dental professionals can recognize the abuse through specific facial injury patterns. They can also play a key role in getting the victims help. Read more.

In clinical news, a New Hampshire oral surgeon asks: Why implant when you can transplant? Transplanting a patient's tooth from one location to another can be a viable, attractive substitute for dental implants, according to Peter Reich, D.M.D., who has performed more than 200 transplants. Read more.

In part II of our series on ozone dentistry, contributing editor Greg Holden explores how a growing number of U.S. dentists are using ozone to improve surgical outcomes, reduce bleeding, and stimulate remineralization -- even though the FDA has not yet given its stamp of approval. Do the clinical pros outweigh the cons?

On the Word of Mouth page, dentist and comedian Jimmy Earll shares a recent epiphany he had about married life that overlaps with his dental practice. And in Ask Marty, our resident tech expert Martin Jablow, D.M.D., answers readers' questions on topics ranging from what laser or digital x-ray system to buy, to how best to protect your digital data.

And don't forget to check out the News in Brief -- one study indicates that a nasal spray might end up replacing anesthesia for numbing the upper teeth, while another finds that gum disease can prompt HIV to develop into full-blown AIDS. And then there's the one about the rabbi who attacked his dentist over some newly installed bridgework....

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