Zenith Dental now DMG America

Zenith Dental, a 25-year veteran of the dental industry, is now DMG America.

DMG, a global dental materials provider, was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 1964. Zenith Dental has been the exclusive North American distributor for DMG products since 1983, when Zenith was first established.

"Zenith and DMG entered this market together and grew together over the past 25 years," said George Wolfe, president of DMG America, in a press release. "As DMG America, we will be able to leverage the global power of a name that has been recognized for 40 years as a world leader in this industry. This is a very exciting step for our company, one that gives us a single, clear voice in dentistry."

DMG America said it will continue to promote and sell all their current product offerings, including Luxatemp, StatusBlue, LuxaCore Dual, TempoCem, and Honigum. The company is also developing some new products it plans to launch later this year, according to DMG.

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