ADA praises new tobacco bill

ADA President John Findley, D.D.S., has praised legislation that would allow the FDA to regulate tobacco. On Friday, the U.S. Congress sent the bill to President Barack Obama, who has promised to sign it, after overwhelming votes in both houses.

"The American Dental Association heartily commends Congress for passing the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act," Dr. Findley said. "Dentists are the first line of defense in the war against oral cancer and many other tobacco-related diseases. The American Dental Association has long-standing policy that nicotine is a drug, and that cigarettes and other tobacco products are nicotine delivery devices and, therefore, should be regulated by the FDA."

The law will mandate larger, more prevalent warning labels, more tightly restrict tobacco advertising, and eliminate some venues where tobacco is sold, according to the Associated Press (AP).

It will also ban cigarettes with candy, herb and spice flavors, and those with labels suggesting they are less harmful to health, the AP reported.

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