Dentist designs dehydration drink

After running the Boston Marathon in 85° heat, David Paquette, D.M.D., had to be treated for dehydration, and the experience gave him the idea for a new drink, according to, the Web site of the Hudson Sun and MetroWest Daily News.

But the marathon experience wasn't the only inspiration for the drink. According to Dr. Paquette's Web site,, "I was at a bachelor party in Las Vegas, wondering if there was something I could mix with my vodka to help me feel better the next day."

Noting that dehydration plays an important role in the symptoms of a hangover, Dr. Paquette came up with a formula for the drink, which he calls Biba.

Dr. Paquette is now marketing the drink, which he says is suitable both for athletes or stirred into a cocktail. The drink has "no preservatives, no caffeine, no crazy chemicals," according to

Dr. Paquette did not respond to about the lime-flavored drink's acid balance and whether it contains sugar.

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