Rhode Island bans fee capping; orange juice worse than bleaching

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

Good news for Rhode Island dentists: State lawmakers have passed a bill that prohibits insurers from setting the fees of dental procedures they do not cover. The law is the result of legislation introduced by the Rhode Island Dental Association in response to a Delta Dental policy announced last year -- a policy that is slated to take effect nationally in 2011. Read more.

In clinical news, a new study has found that orange juice and other acidic fruit juices are more harmful to tooth enamel than hydrogen peroxide, the common ingredient in professional and over-the-counter teeth-whitening products. Read more.

And when Swiss National Television proposed a reality show in which 10 people would live on a Stone Age diet -- and not brush their teeth for four weeks -- researchers at the Universities of Bern and ZĂĽrich jumped at the chance to study their teeth. Their findings might surprise you.

Over on the Second Opinion page, Dr. Sheri Doniger reminds us that although we all have our ups and downs, when it comes to providing the best patient care possible, every member of your team needs to leave the drama at the door. Read Dr. Doniger's latest Dental Diaries entry here.

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