Oral surgeon acquitted in molestation case; Zila sued by potential buyer

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

A Pennsylvania oral surgeon accused of molesting 17 female patients was acquitted last week of all charges, after the judge sided with expert witnesses who testified that some anesthetics -- notably propofol -- can induce sexual hallucinations. Read more.

In other legal news, what started out as a bidding war over Zila Pharmaceuticals -- makers of Vizilite Plus -- has turned into a legal battle, with one of the potential buyers now suing Zila after their takeover offer was rejected. Read more.

And in clinical news, when it comes to placing a new crown under an existing partial denture, it isn't always necessary to create a new partial to go with that crown. Click here for experts' tips on how to successfully place crowns under partials.

Meanwhile, over on the Second Opinion page, Dr. Sheri Doniger shares her thoughts on choosing the best location for a dental practice, noting that it is both a professional and personal decision -- sometimes, very personal.

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