Fluoridation campaign launched in San Jose

San Jose, CA, is the largest U.S. city that doesn't fluoridate its water, but now a major campaign has been launched to remedy the situation, according to a news article in the Mercury News.

Earlier this month, fluoridation advocates brought a top engineer from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) together with San Jose Water officials for a workshop to begin talking science and quelling myths, according to the story.

"California is really behind," said Kip Duchon, the fluoridation engineer who presented the workshop. "So we're very excited at the CDC to know that the people of Santa Clara County are really ready to take this important health initiative."

Only 30% of water systems in California are fluoridated, compared to 70% nationwide, partly because of the state's highly complex water systems, Duchon said in the article.

Even though a campaign has been launched to upgrade the city's water infrastructure, advocates of the project expect progress to be slow due to the controversial nature of water fluoridation, according to the story.

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