3M ESPE scientist honored for composite work

The American Chemical Society (ACS) recently recognized 3M ESPE corporate scientist Sumita Mitra, Ph.D., among its Heroes of Chemistry for 2009. The award, which honors "chemical innovators in industry whose work has led to the welfare and progress of humanity in a significant way," was presented at the society's fall meeting in Washington, DC, on August 16.

Mitra's accomplishments during her 31-year career with 3M ESPE include the development of a number of breakthrough dental technologies, including composite resins, nanocomposites, and resin-modified glass ionomers, the company said. She holds more than 63 patents, and 3M ESPE products that have resulted from her innovations include Vitremer Glass Ionomer Core Buildup/Restorative, Vitrebond Plus Light Cure Glass Ionomer Liner/Base, and Filtek Supreme Universal Restorative.

"Dr. Mitra's extraordinary inventions have changed the field of dentistry for dentists and patients around the world," said Fred Palensky, Ph.D., executive vice president of research and development, and chief technology officer at 3M, in a press release. "Her discoveries will influence and benefit society for decades. The financial impact of her work is enormous and far-reaching. To date, her research has resulted in commercialized products that have contributed nearly $2 billion to 3M's revenue."

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