Komet releases new lab grinder

Komet USA this week announced laboratory grinders for cutting and adjusting all types of ceramic material.

Diamonds with Ceramic Bond (DCB) Abrasives are specialty grinders that contain a very high content of quality diamond particles. Bound together with a special ceramic binder, these instruments are suited for all types of ceramics, including highly resistant zirconium oxide or aluminum oxide and metal alloys, the company said.

DCBs are available in five different shapes: point, barrel, flat-end taper, wheel, and disc. The barrel, flat-end taper, and wheel are also available in a coarse grit.

DCBs allow the user to cut material with minimal pressure, alleviating the chances of micro fractures within the ceramic’s substructure, said Komet. DCBs can be used for smooth and controlled gross reduction of sprues, contouring of crowns, and bridge framework and for creating detailed anatomical form.

The ceramic surface is left with a super-fine finish (4 to 6 µm on zirconium oxide). In addition, said Komet, DCBs have an extra-long service life.

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