Dentist disciplined for 8-fold Halcion dose

The West Virginia Board of Dental Examiners has suspended the anesthesia permit of Charles Wylie, D.D.S., for administering eight times the maximum recommended dose of triazolam (Halcion) to a patient.

Dr. Wylie administered 17 tablets of triazolam, a total of 4.25 mg, to a patient on July 29 for a 5-hour procedure, the board said.

Dr. Wylie could not be reached for comment.

According to DOCS Education sedation instructors Michael D. Silverman, D.M.D., and Anthony S. Feck, D.M.D., the recommended maximum dose of triazolam is 0.5 mg, and overdose may occur at 2 mg or more.

The patient "suffered a poisoning" and was admitted to Wheeling Hospital for three days where he underwent treatment of flumazenil (Romazicon), the board said.

In 2007, WTOV television reported that Dr. Wylie had been charged with two counts of battery after a former employee accused him of twisting her hand and grabbing her shoulder because he was unhappy with her job performance.

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