Dental office manager jailed for embezzling $47K

A woman who worked as an office manager at a California dental office has been sentenced to one year in jail for embezzling over $47,000 from the practice, according to a story by CBS13.

Authorities claim that 24-year-old Holly Ann Keate of Rocklin embezzled the money between August 25, 2008, and January 22, 2009, and used it to take vacations and have plastic surgery, according to the story.

In a letter submitted to the judge who sentenced Keate, her former employer, Thomas Schlehofer, D.M.D., accused her of causing coworkers to miss out on bonuses because she lied to him about their performances, reported CBS13. The financial loss nearly ruined his practice, he added.

Roseville Police arrested Keate on April 18, 2009, as she was boarding a plane to Hawaii, the story concluded.

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