Christensen endorses needles, impression tray

The latest issue of Gordon Christensen's Clinicians Report (CR) endorses needles by Septodont and impression trays by Clinician's Choice Dental Products.

The long Septoject XL Block and short Septoject Infiltration have the same outside diameters as 27-gauge needles, but the lumens are larger, which allows injections with less pressure, according to CR.

The bores are 14% larger as well, and the stainless steel needles feature siliconized triple-bevel tips and bevel indicators for quick orientation.

Of the 26 CR evaluators, 92% rated the Septoject XL excellent or good and worth trying, and 81% said they would use it in their practices.

The Quad-Tray Extreme features an occlusal mesh attached at the distal bar, a wider arch than previous models, a tapered distal bar, and a thin, nonsorbing interocclusal mesh, CR reports. Dead-soft aluminum allows customization of the width, while the low sidewalls avoid soft tissue and occlusal interferences.

Out of 24 CR reviewers, 96% thought the Quad-Tray Xtreme was worthwhile, and 88% said they would use it.

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