Hitler feared the dental chair

Many people would be surprised to find out that they have something in common with one of history’s most notorious dictators, Adolf Hitler -- a fear of the dental visit.

A new book on the Nazi leader reveals that Hitler was terrified of going to the dentist, according to an article in the Daily Mail.

The book, Dentist of the Devil, by Menevse Deprem-Hennen, chronicles the work of Hitler's personal dentist of nearly 20 years, Johannes Blaschke.

Some interesting anecdotes include Hitler's insistence on spreading a root simple root-canal procedure over eight days because he "couldn't stand the pain," according to the article. The book also claims that Hitler suffered from bad breath, abscesses, and gum disease.

Deprem-Hennen got her information from Blaschke's yet unseen medical files on Hitler and other leading Nazis who were his patients in the 1930s and 1940s, the article stated.

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