'David After Dentist' 2nd biggest YouTube hit of 2009

Dentistry made it big on the Internet this year -- but not, perhaps, in the way most dentists would have chosen.

The YouTube video "David After Dentist" was the second-most watched on the Internet video site in 2009.

David Elbert DeVore shot the video of his 7-year-old son, David Alejandro DeVore, when he was experiencing hallucinations caused by ketamine for an oral surgery to remove a supernumerary tooth.

In the nearly two-minute clip, taped about 15 minutes after waking up from the procedure, David wonders, "Is this real life?" He complains of not being able to see, says his father has four eyes, and screams.

The video was played over 37 million times, according to YouTube. That made it the second-most watched YouTube video of 2009, after "Susan Boyle -- Britain's Got Talent," an extraordinary performance by the seemingly ordinary Scottish singer. That video was watched 120 million times.

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