New Restoratives Community launched; is it legal to fire a pregnant employee?

Dear DrBicuspid Member, is pleased to announce the official launch of our Restoratives Community. This interactive community is designed to bring our members daily news and information on the latest trends in restorations and restorative materials, techniques, and technologies.

First up in Restoratives Community news this week: Should dentists take the time to disinfect a tooth before placing a restoration? The answer is yes, according to Rella Christensen from the Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report. Read more.

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In legal news, a Pennsylvania dental assistant who claims she was fired because she was pregnant has filed a discrimination lawsuit against her former employer, reflecting a surge in the number of pregnancy discrimination complaints filed in the U.S. since 1997. Read more.

Meanwhile, a judge last week rejected the lawsuit of San Francisco dentist Geraleh Rahbar, D.D.S., against a reviewer who harshly criticized her on the consumer review Web site Read more.

Finally, U.S. dentists charged more for many common procedures at the beginning of 2009 than they charged two years before when the economy was in better shape, according to a recent ADA survey. Click here to read more of the survey's results.

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