Comfort Dental donated $811,000 in services in December

In December, Comfort Dental gave away dental serves valued at $811,000 and served 3,245 patients in need, the company said.

With over 1.5 million patients, the company says it is the largest dental franchise in America. It has 65 offices in Colorado, and additional offices in New Mexico, Ohio, Missouri, and Texas. Every office is independently owned by the dentists.

December 24, 2009, was proclaimed Care Day by Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter. All Comfort Dental offices provided free dental care to all comers. Comfort Dental has participated in Care Day for 26 years. Since the first Care Day in 1984, Comfort Dental has given away over $11 million in free dental care, the company said.

Approximately 200 Comfort Dental dentists and 1,200 staff members donate their time each year on Care Day.

Comfort Dental’s standard fees are at most half of what other Colorado dentists charge, according to a company press release.

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