Concerns raised about fluoride from China

Officials and citizens in Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Maryland are raising questions about additives in fluoride imported from China for use in community water supplies, according to news reports.

The Amesbury Water Department in Amesbury, MA, stopped adding fluoride to the community's water supply after noticing that some of the fluoride supplied by Chinese sources did not dissolve as expected, according to TV station WCVB.

"I don't know what it is," the agency's director, Rob Desmarais, told the TV station. "It's not soluble, and it doesn't appear to be sodium fluoride."

The channel reported that state and federal authorities said Chinese fluoride is safe. NSF International, a nonprofit that tests fluoride, did not respond to a request for comment from

An antifluoride activist in Maryland posted a chemical analysis of fluoride imported from China for use in the Frostburg, MD, water supply, showing it contained 0.032% lead.

And in Louisiana, on April 14 a state Senate committee sent to the full Senate a bill that would forbid water companies from purchasing fluoride from China, according to the Advocate.

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