Practice Management Community launched; clinic closures affect thousands

Dear DrBicuspid Member, is pleased to announce the official launch of our Practice Management Community, featuring the latest in practice management products and services, legislative developments, financial trends, and personnel issues. Check in regularly for news and information that will help you improve your practice!

This week In Practice Management Community news: the Internet has created a number of new marketing opportunities for dentists. Now two websites are enabling patients to bid what they are willing to pay for dental and medical services and choose the best offer from competing practices. What's in it for you? Read more.

In other news, the closure of two university-affiliated dental clinics in the U.S. has left thousands of poor and uninsured residents without access to adequate, affordable dental services, and hundreds of dental students without the opportunity to hone their skills in a clinical setting. Is there a workable solution for other states to consider, or is it time for the government to step in? Read more.

And in our latest Cosmetics Community feature, enamel has long been the primary concern when it comes to assessing bleaching-related damage. But now a new study has found that long stretches of teeth whitening may harm dentin too.

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