Tunisian dentists may sue French soccer star

A group of Tunisian dentists is so offended by the actions of a French soccer player during pre-World Cup training sessions in their country that they are considering filing a lawsuit against him, according to news reports.

French player William Gallas suffered a toothache but refused to go to any of Tunisia's dentists, according to the Tunisia daily Alousboui. Instead, he flew his personal dentist into the country at a cost of 21,000 pounds ($32,000).

The Tunisian dentists reportedly are so angry they want to take Gallas to court to recover their image.

"That he asked to be treated by his doctor is absolutely legitimate, but that he has put out on the Internet that he refused to be consulted by a Tunisian doctor is unacceptable and intolerable," Adel Ben Smida, president of the Tunisian dentists' union, told AFP Tunis.

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