High Q debuts lightweight LED headlight

High Q Dental has introduced the EOS 3W LED headlight system, its "lightest and brightest" portable system, according to the company.

Weighing in at 0.4 of an ounce with variable intensity up to 4,500-foot candles of white light into the field, the EOS headlight comes in various clips to accommodate most common loupes and eyewear or to be mounted to a headband.

Power is provided by a lithium ion battery pack that delivers a full day's use and three-hour charge time. A universal power charger completes the system.

"We've taken our time in developing such a small, lightweight, and bright system to assure we addressed all aspects of the light," said Andy Cooper, High Q president, in a press release. "There were several issues we wanted to address with such a small light before making it available, such z heat, potential cross contamination, battery life, and keeping the cost down."

The light's flip-down filter design allows the user to filter the light so as not to impact light-sensitive materials. A removable cap on the filter handle can be autoclaved and reused to allow for positioning without concern for contamination; multiple caps come with each system.

High Q offers a 30-day trial on the EOS system in the U.S.

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