Survey reveals dentists' IT habits; are laryngeal mask airways better?

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While most dentists in California have embraced electronic methods to help with billing, accounting, and scheduling, their adoption rate for electronic records and other clinical tools has been much slower, according to a California Healthcare Foundation survey. Will the next generation of more tech-savvy dentists reverse this trend? Read more in our latest Practice Management Community feature.

In Restoratives Community news, a new meta-analysis found that laryngeal mask airways offer several advantages over endotracheal tubes in patients undergoing general anesthesia. Even so, will this approach find favor among dental practitioners? Click here to read what some experts think.

And in her latest Dental Diaries entry, Dr. Sheri Doniger questions the value of Web-based information about child development -- especially when it comes to her granddaughter, Bree, and teething.

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