Va. city refunds dentist nearly 20 years of taxes

A Virginia dentist has been refunded business license fees paid over a 19-year period plus 5% interest after it was discovered that he was the only doctor in town paying them, according to an article in the Daily Times.

The Chincoteague Town Council approved a motion on September 14 to refund William Baczek, D.D.S., more than $10,000 after determining that other dentists and physicians in the city had not been required to pay the annual fee.

Baczek approached the council about the refund and a June 29 vote approved it, but he had yet to receive compensation, according to the story. On separate occasions, a possible motion to rescind the payment was placed on the council's agenda in the interim with no result. After passing the motion to pay Dr. Baczek another motion was approved dictating that, moving forward, business license fees can only be waived by the council, the Times reported.

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